"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Instructions To Authors

* This periodical  publishes research papers and scientific articles on agricultural sciences that have not been (and - if accepted - are not to be) published elsewhere. Language is essentially English, but manuscripts in Arabic may be published. An informative sufficient summary (preferably no more than one page) must be included in Arabic for English papers and in English for Arabic papers.

* Manuscripts  are presented in 3 copies along with a CD, double-space-typed with at least 2.5 cm-margins (top, bottom and sides); 25 lines/page, (use SI units â€" e.g. kg and ha instead of lb and acreâ€?or fed; refer to the international lists of SI and non-SI units and their conversions on the following web-site:(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_of_units).

* Title   (with author’s names) is presented in a separate sheet. Title: 12 words at most, in lower-case bold letters (Times New Roman, font 14). Beside their English names, plants, insects, organisms, etc. must have their Latin names included in italic. Format sequence style of names in the author's by-line is as follows: first letter(s) of author’s name followed by his (her) surname in full (e.g. R. S. Shahin, S. A. Ismail, and F. I. Labib). First name in full may be written at author’s choice (e.g. Reda A. Shain, S.A. Ismail, and Fawkya I. Labib). Following authors by-line, write the organization(s) where they work.

* Abstract   in a separate sheet, repeating the study title but omitting author(s) name(s), 250-word maximum, informative, explaining why and how the work was done, mentioning the main findings (quantitative values must be included). Keywords are no more than 10.

* Text   (Text of research papers is in non-bold letters and consists of these parts (titled in bold block letters) ; INTRODUCTION â€" MATERIALS AND METHODS - RESULS AND DISCUSSION (in one or two separate paragraphs) - REFERENCES.

* Tables and Figures   must be self explanatory and consecutively numbered with no parenthesis encircling the number; and in separate sheets. If symbols or code letters are used for designation of treatments, parameters, substances etc., they must be explained in full, either in the footnotes, titles, or legends of Tables or Figures. Do not duplicate same data as Tables and Figures. Photos are glossy.

* Reference citation and list   The author-year system is used [e.g. “Smith et al. (2009) reported……â€‌] in text citation; and also in list presentation. References in the list are arranged alphabetically. For each reference in the list write all authors, with comma between each two. Start with the surname of each author followed by his (her) initial letter(s), year of publication, the full title of the study, the periodical title (refer to world list of scientific periodicals), volume number followed by two parenthesis encircling the issue number, followed by a colon (:) then inclusive pages. Here is an example:آ آ آ آ آ Shahin, S.S., Ismail, S.A., Labib, F., and Rahim, I.S. 1995. Mineralogical association in sandآ آ آ آ fractions of Salorthids and Torrifluvents in Egypt. Egypt. J. Soil Sci. 35(1):55-69.آ If the periodical is of the consecutive-pagination type, the issue number may be omitted; but in periodicals not adopting consecutive pagination, (i.e. each issue begins with page 1) the issue number must be included.

* Note the followings   Symposiums include date and place of occurrence; books, theses, bulletins, handbooks, and other similar publications must include Institutes, Publishers, and other source organizations with their city and country. Using trade-names of research materials is avoided; instead use the scientific name(s) of the ingredient(s) existing in the commercial material with the latter written in block capitals (e.g. Effect of Azotobacter sp. on ….etc. instead of Effect of CEREALIN on …etc.â€‌ since the latter is a commercial product containing Azotobacter.)

* Correspondence may be addressed to   The Editor, Annals of Agricultural Sciences,Moshtohor,Faculty of Agriculture,Benha University,Toukh,Kalubiya,Egypt.