"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Comparative Studies on Organic and Inorganic N, P, K, and Zn- Fertilization for Wheat Crop in Northern Delta Soils.

M. S. Genedy1; A. M.G. Ewis2, M. M.Sobh2 and S. Genaidy3


Two factorial experiments on wheat Triticum aestivum, L. (var. Msr1) were conducted at Sakha Agric. Res. Station on a clay soil for two successive seasons of ( 2015/2016; 2016/2017). Factors1 comprised 3 organic manuring (0, 24 and 48 m3 ha-1) and 5 mineral fertilizations (none, N, NP, NPK and NPK Zn). Mineral rates (kg ha-1) :240 kg N (as urea),32 kg P (as Ca-superphosphate), 48 kg K (as K-sulphate) and 12 kg Zn (as Zn-sulphate). Application of organic manure (as compost) increased wheat grain and straw yields as well as grains protein content. Also all the values of the previously mentioned studied parameters increased by applying mineral fertilizers. The highest positive effect was by applying the high compost + NPKZn giving increases of 106 to 114 % in grain yield and increases occurred also in contents of protein as well as N, P, K and Zn contents.

Key words

Organic manure, Mineral fertilization, Compost, NPKZn fertilizers, Wheat (var. Msr1 ).