"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Impact of Sulphur Sources on Some Soil Properties, Status of Nutrients in Grains Maize and Productivity under Saline Soil Conditions.

Mohamed I. Mehaseb, Faten A. Al- Kamar and Khaled. A. H. Shaban


A filed experiment was conducted at village El-Rowda, Sahl El-Hussinia, El-Sharkia Governorate, Egypt, during two successive summer seasons of 2016 and 2017, to evaluate the effect of sources and rates of sulphur on some soil properties , growth, yield and yield attributes and also contents of available macro and micronutrients as well as quality of maize ( C.V Single cross173) sulphur sources Viz, agriculture sulphur, calcium sulphate and gypsum were used at different rates viz., (0,0.4 and 0.80 ton/ fed) for agriculture sulphur and ( 0,4 and 8 ton / fed) for calcium sulphate and gypsum in this study . The experiments consisted of 9 treatments and were laid out in split plot design with six replicates. Among the source, agriculture sulphur registered its significant superiority over other sources. With respect of rates, application of 0.80 ton /fed recorded highest yield components ( weight of ear (g) , weight of grains /ear (g) , weight of 100- grains (g) , yield ( grain and stover ton/fed) and grain quality of maize. This study showed that supplementation as agriculture sulphur significantly increased N, P, K Fe, Mn and Zn concentration content and uptake of maize than other sulphur sources treatments.

Key words

Macro-micronutrient contents in maize grains; Maize productivity and quality; Saline soil; Soil properties and Sulphure sources.