"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Soil surface Seal Induced by Rainfall and its effect on Properties of soil of the North western Coast of Egypt.

A. M. El-Husseiny1, H. M. S. Salem2 and M. A. A. Abd el salam2


The current work aims at evaluating the effect of soil surface seal caused by rain on properties of recently reclaimed calcareous soils in the northwestern coast, Egypt. Soils were taken from the 0-30 cm surface layer, representing 3 textural classes: clay loam, loam, and sandy loam, and three CaCO3 contents: 250-300 g kg-1, 300-350 g kg-1, and > 400 g kg-1. Soils were packed into stainless steel pots with dimensions of diameter and 20 cm height 15 cm exposed to three main artificial rainstorms 60 mm 30 min-1, 120 mm 30 min-1 and 180 mm 30 min-1 for two different durations 10 and 30 min with two sloping grades 9 and 2%. There was a positive correlation between seal development and rainstorm intensity and duration. Soil fine particle content, exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP), and soil compaction were the main factors controlling the rate of sealing and its severity. Sloping grade restricted maximization of manifestation of seal development. There was a positive correlation between seal development and, soil erosion, salinization, and surface compaction, and negative correlation with irrigation water storage by soil.

Key words

Seal Induced Rainfall, Calcareous Soils, Runoff, Soil Degradation.