"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Purification of Water using Moringa oleifera Horse radish) Leaf Powder and Seeds Flour.

Emmanuel O. Ahaotu, Reginald E. Uwalaka, Maxwell C. Edih and Pius O. Ihiaha


High cost of treated water in the rural communities makes people to resort to readily available water sources which are normally of low quality exposing them to waterborne diseases. The present study was carried out to confirm the effectiveness of seeds flour and leaf powder extracted from mature-dried Moringa oleifera seeds and leaves which are commonly available in most rural communities. During this study, surface water samples were collected for treatment by Moringa seeds and leaves in powdered form, resulting in an effective natural clarification agent for highly turbid and untreated pathogenic water. Application of this low cost Moringa oleifera seeds is recommended for eco-friendly, nontoxic, simplified water treatment where rural and peri-urban people living in extreme poverty.

Key words

(Moringa oleifera seeds and leaves, cationionic protein, clarification agent, antimicrobial activity, human health)