"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Effect Of Differenet Temperatures On Cucumber Production Under Glasshouse Conditions

Bekhiet,R.S1. , Merghany,M.M1. ,Medany,M.A2. ,Ghada-Usama,R2


This experiment was carried out at the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC), Agriculture Research Center, Egypt during the two successive summer seasons of 2006 and 2007 under greenhouses condition, to study the effect of different air tempreature (shade, 29 ºC &31ºC) on growth and yield of cucumber plant (Cucumis sativus L). Data were recorded after 40, 65 and 90 days from transplanting on the plant growth parameters, in terms of: plant height, number of leaves, total leaf area, %Chlorophyll, and both fresh and dry roots, stems and leaves, as well as fruit yield parameters in terms of fruit numbers, fruit diameter, fruit weight, total fruits weight / plant and total yield. Results showed that, the highest recorded parameters were obtained in conditioned greenhouse at stable temperature greenhouse degree (29 C), exclusively for plant height, leaves area, number of leaves /plant, fresh& dry weight of roots, stems& leaves and Chlorophyll content. Such trend may also be noticeable for diameter of fruits (DOF), fresh weight of fruits, number of fruits /plant and the total yield of cucumber. It could be concluded that, the stable glasshouse temperature at 29 ºC has the priority, then followed by stable glasshouse temperature at 31ºC, and the latest was shaded treatment, except in the cases of: fresh &dry weight of leaves, plant height and reproductive cucumber parameters (DOF, NOF) which showed that, shade was better by reviewing it's results than stabled greenhouse temperature at 31ºC.

Key words

Cucumber, Greenhouses, Shade, net screen, Conditioned glasshouse, Transplanting, Root, Stem, Leaves, Yield, fruit, Chlorophyll, and Plant height