"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Mites associated with stored products

A.M Metwally1.; A.A.AbdAllah1; Hala,M.Gamal El- Din2 and Hala,M. El-Bltagy2


This work was conducted to incidence the mites associated with stored products during the two successive years (2013 and 2014). Fifty two mite species from fifteen different stored product; wheat, rice, bean, maize, garlic, hay, onion, corn, pea, bread bean, animal feed, seeds, flour, grain barley and faba bean were collected from two governorates Gharbia and Cairo. The collected mites belonging to 2 orders, 4 suborders and 23 families. Suborder Gamasida included 16 species of 7 families; suborder Actinedida included 16 species of 9 families ;suborder Acaridida included 19 species of 6 families; suborder Oribatida included 1 species of 1 family.

Key words

Incidence, Mites, stored products