"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Current Issue 3, 2018, volume 56

Editorial board of volume 56 and Issue 3 : Editorial board

1- Stability Analysis of Yield and Its Components for Promising Barley Genotypes under Water Stress and Saline Affected Fields

EL-Shawy, E.E.; Sally E. El-wakeel and Ashgan M. Abd El-Azeem
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2- Studies on Japonica Hybrid Rice Seed Production under Egyptian Conditions

Selim, M. E.; H. Sh. Hamad; M. A. A. El Sayed and E. A. Z. El Shamey
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3- Stability analysis for pod yield and its component traits in some peanut genotypes

Ghada B. Abd El-aziz1 and Hoda. E.A. Ibrahim2
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4- Ethyl Methane Sulfonate effect on total lipids of Chlorella vulgaris isolated from Nile River Egypt

Mohamed A. Gomaa1, Mohamed H. Refaat1, Tamer M. Salim1, Abo El-Khair B. El-Sayed2 and Makhlof M. Bekhit1
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