"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Effect of Food Type on Some Biological Aspects Of Monacha Cartusiana (Muller) Snail Under Laboratory Conditions

Arafa, A. A. I


The Effect of different food typs on numbers of clutches, eggs and clutch size as well as growth pattern of Monacha cartusiana snail as indicated by shell diameter and body weight were studied under laboratory conditions. Results revealed that when adults of M. cartusiana snail were fed on leaves of different plant species during the breeding season, numbers of clutches, eggs and clutch size were significantly differed from one plant to another. Regarding general meas, the highest numbers of clutches, eggs and clutch size were recorded with pea leaves with values of 2.66, 133.26 and 48.05, respectively, while lowest values were obtained with carrot which gave 1.2, 29.06 and 24.03, respectively, during February, 2013. Regarding, the effect of the tested plant species on growth of M. cartusiana snail, those could be arranged descendingly according to their suitability as follows: pea, lettuce, cabbage, Egyptian clover and carrot leaves.

Key words

Food Type, Biological Aspects, Snail.