"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

The Role of Agricultural Extension in the Field Irrigation Development at some village in Kafr- El Sheikh Governorate.

Saffan ,I.A.A*; Amira M. A. Ramadan* and Ahmed T .M.A. Shata**


The study aimed to identify the role of agricultural extension in the Field Irrigation Development. The study was carried out at three village in Kafr- El Sheikh Governorate. Data were collected from the 350 on a purposive sample from farmer’s who Applicants for field irrigation systems during the period from September to December 2017 through questionnaire by personal interview with farmer’s. Frequency, percentage and person correlation coefficient were used as statistical tools and for presenting the results. The most important results of the study could be summarized as follow: 1- the general average of presentation and satisfy level for Progressive extension services (65.4% and 61.6%) with a respectively. 2- the general average of Benefit level for Extension activities (48.4%). 3- The quality of services provided by the agricultural extension system, mostly knowledge services with an average of (88.9%). 4- The general average of the level of benefit from all returns of field irrigation development (85.6%). 5- There were no significant correlations between Benefit level of extension Service by pre and during development process and Field irrigation development returns. 6- There were significant correlation between the Quality of extension services and Field irrigation development returns (Economical-Environmental-Rationalize (. 7- The level spread of problems of field irrigation development came at (79.9 %) while the level of satisfaction with the proposals was average (86.8%).

Key words