"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Response of Strawberry to Salicylic Acid and Yeast Extract Applications under Different Nitrogen and Potassium Combinations

Abo-Sedera*, F.A.; L.A. Badr*; Amany A. Abd- Elatif** and S.M. Rezk


This study was conducted during the two successive seasons of 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 in a private farm at El–Dair village, Kalubia governorate, to investigate the response of strawberry to salicylic acid and yeast extract applications under different nitrogen and potassium fertilizers combinations. Data were recorded on vegetative growth, chemical constituents, yield and its components as well as fruit quality. Results indicate that application of mineral fertilizers at the highest used levels ( 150 kg N + 200 kg K2O or 200 kg N + 300kg K2O) per fed. combined with spraying the plants with salicylic acid at 1g/L or yeast extract 100 ml/L exhibited the highest values in the measured growth parameters i.e., plant height, number of leaves and crowns per plant, crown diameter, average leaf area as well as fresh and dry weight per plant during both seasons. Also, the same treatments gave the highest values of phosphorus, potassium and total carbohydrates during both seasons of study. Results also show that using the highest rate of N and K fertilizers (200 kg N+ 300 kg K2O) and spraying the plants with salicylic acid (1g / liter) reflected the highest produced yield and its components. Moreover, it reflected also the highest values of all determined physical and chemical fruit quality characters (average fruit length, diameter, weight and fruit firmness, TSS, Vitamin C, acidity, total sugars and anthocyanin) during both seasons .The study recommend adding 200 Kg N + 300 kg K2O per fed and spraying the plants with salicylic acid at 1g /L to enhance plant growth and increase yield and its components particularly early and exportable yield as well as physical and chemical fruit characteristics, under Kalubia governorate conditions.

Key words

Strawberry, salicylic acid, yeast extract, N, K fertilization, yield, fruit quality.