"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Economic evaluation of the use of agricultural mechanization in the province of Qaliubia Governorate

1 Mohamed El Sayed Rajeh 1 Saied Abbas Mohamed Rashad 2 Ghada Shalapy Ali Mahdy 3Ahmed Amin Amin Aldery


The state has begun to give increasing attention to the issue of agricultural technology, whether agricultural biotechnology or mechanical agricultural technology, to maximize the output of the land unit, with emphasis on the promotion of important strategic crops, especially the main grain crops such as wheat, and to reduce the growing food gap. Agricultural mechanization is therefore one of the two pillars of technological progress. Agricultural mechanization is one of the modern technological methods. The problem of the study is that the national production of some major grain crops is unable to meet the needs of local consumption. The food gap has reached about 26500 thousand tons as an average for the period (2011-2015). Therefore, the research problem is the phenomenon of low productivity of some strategic grain crops such as wheat, Kaliobia or the republican level. This has led to the adoption of many methods of agriculture and harvesting of wheat crop, including manual hand, manual and automatic seedlings, underlining and agriculture in Gore, horticulture, and agriculture by graft. The use of automated annexation and automated monitoring or the use of the combinator for conducting annexation and pedagogy, to obtain the best combinations of the highest yielding agricultural machinery, which also achieves the largest net return from the unit area. The main objective of the study was to study the economics of agricultural mechanization in Qalioubia governorate, in order to measure the economic effects of the use of mechanized technological methods and applications, ie, the mechanized innovations in the production of winter wheat crop. The general objective of the research can be achieved by identifying the effect of traditional and modern agricultural mechanization of some agricultural treatments on the productivity of the feddan to determine the most efficient and appropriate in the production of the wheat crop studied at the level of Qalubia Governorate. The study relied on descriptive, quantitative and statistical methods, the research method will include comparisons between total productivity and total costs of different technological packages using statistical comparison methods.

Key words