"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes and Ferric Oxide Nanomaterial as Adsorbents for Removal of Some Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water (Ground and Industrial Waste Water)

Osama A.M. Khamis*; Ahmed A. Abd El-Rahman*; Farhat F.A. Foda * and Hamdy M. Gad **


The aim of this study was to find out an available and low cost material to reach the permissible levels of the heavy metals Mn2+ , Fe2+ and pb2+) in the contaminated water (ground and industrial waste water) taken from Kaha, El-Qulayoubia Governorate using multi walled carbon nanotubes ( MWCNTs) prepared from chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and ferric oxide nanoparticle(Fe2O3) with potassium permanganate(KMnO4). Also, it involved the characterization of MWCNTs and Fe2O3 nanoparticle and determine the optimal conditions for the treatment. The effects of MWCNTs, Fe2O3 nanoparticle and KMnO4 on removal of manganese , iron and lead from contaminated water was the main target of this investigation. In this work the highest initial Mn2+ , Fe2+ and pb2+ ion concentrations (C0) were found to be 3.42 , 4.2 and 23 mg/L, respectively, were treated with multiwall carbon nanotubes ,ferric oxide and potassium permanganate. MWCNTs was of 20-30 nm outer diameter, 5-10 nm internal diameter, surface area of 207.13 m2/g, carbon content 90.05%, oxygen content 6.9% and purity above 87%,while, Ferric oxide particle size averaged 5-10 nm, ferric content 44.64%, oxygen content 41.67% and carbon content 10.97%. The optimum conditions for removing Mn2+ and Fe2+ ion from the contaminated water with MWCNTs/KMnO4, were a pH of 7.5, volume KMnO4 0.25 mL, adsorbent weight of 0.05 g and a contact time of 90 min. The optimum conditions for removing Pb2+ ion with Fe2O3/KMnO4 were a pH at 6.7, adsorbent weight 0.06 g, volume of KMnO4 1.25 mL and a contact time of 120 min.

Key words

Carbon nano tubes - Ferric oxide - Heavy metal - Contaminated water