"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Knowledge and Implementation Needs of Honey bee Producers in Qalyoubia Governorate

1Rashad, S.A.M, 1Habib, M.H, 2Khattab, M.M, 3Elnemr, H.M.


The research was mainly to identify the Knowledge and implementation needs of respondents producers of honey bee Qalyoubia governorate by achieving the following objectives: identifying knowledge needs of the respondents from the producers of honey bee, identifying the respondents practices of producers of honey bee, identifying the respondents directions from the producers of honey bee and identifying the most important indicative ways in which the respondents needed to get the knowledge. To achieve these goals, a questionnaire has been designed. Then, its data were collected using personal interview with a sample of respondents to be 186 responded from producers of honey bee in Qalyoubia governorate. Moreover, the frequencies, numbers, percentages and averages were applied. To display the data and arrange limitations or obstacles as well as correlation coefficient simple (Pearson) test was used to test the validity of statistical hypotheses concerning the differences between respondents.

Key words

Knowledge -Implementation Needs - Honey bee - Qalyoubia Governorate