"Annals Of Agricultural Science"

Study on physiographic features and soil taxa, west of Asyut governorate, Egypt.

Ashraf A. Mohamed, Fayez M. Fahme and Nasef M.K.


The study area is located west of Asyut Governorate within the coordinates of 30o 14' 40" & 30o 56' 00" east and 27o 12' 50" & 27o 41' 00" North. The main targets of this study are to establish physiographic soil map by using the visual interpretation approach of Landsat satellite data for the studied area. The physiographic units are (1) Delta Apex of paleodrainage delta. The soil taxonomic units are Typic Haplocalcids; sandy skeletal; mixed; hyperthermic & Typic Calcigypsids; sandy skeletal; mixed; hyperthermic, (2) Alluvial Terraces include soil taxonomic units of Lithic Haplocalcids; sandy skeletal; hyperthermic & Typic Haplocalcids; coarse loamy; mixed; hyperthermic, (3) Wadi include soil taxonomic units of Typic Torriotthents; sandy skeletal; mixed; hyperthermic and (4) Aeolian deposits include soil taxonomic units of Typic Torripsamments; mixed; hyperthermic. The land suitability was done for 26 crops and showed suitability in soils of the delta apex of paleodrainage delta and wadi with sesame and water melon. Soils of the Aeolian Deposits and Alluvial Terraces can be cultivated with most of the studied crops.

Key words

west of Asyut, physiographic units, Remote Sensing, Land suitability.